There are five bears (four yearlings and one cub) currently residing at ABR.  One of the yearlings, as we have reported before, is supposed to have been released, but is not cooperating with the curators’ plans for his second chance at life in the wild.  If only he knew!  Here is Milo Bear, staying put in his trees.  He comes down to forage on leftover peanuts and other food that was thrown over the fence earlier and not eaten.  Milo also finds his own treats in the enclosure, tasty insects and spring greenery.  So far he has resisted the lure of “bait” foods, placed in the fenced Acclimation Pen.

The foliage is making it harder to see Milo, but there he is.


We might miss him if it weren’t for the red arrow.

Wily and Alonzo Bear were only too happy to go into the Acclimation Pen after the treats, so Curator Coy placed each of them in a separate Acclimation Pen.  They won’t be required to stay in the pens for too long, because that would be stressful for them, but for now it keep them away from the food that is supposed to appeal to Milo.


Alonzo Bear doesn’t seem to mind the Acclimation Pen.


Wily Bear is putting on weight that he needed.

Skipper Bear, the fourth yearling, is in another Wild Enclosure and seems to love his freedom to explore and climb.  He has made great progress!


Skipper Bear goes up and down the trees in his enclosure.

Our three-month-old cub Finnegan Bear, is attacking his food with delight.  He eats everything that is offered by the curators.  Finnegan has also done some redecorating of his facilities in The Cub House.  Note the ball he took into his log den.  Finnegan has really filled out and become a Chubby Cubby!


Finnegan loves to eat!

All of these bears are thriving.  The yearlings will be ready for release before we know it (of course, Milo will be released whenever he decides to come down and allow himself to be caught).  Finnegan has two more steps at ABR – an Acclimation Pen and then a Wild Enclosure – before he will be ready to go back to the wild.