Finnegan Bear, our three-month-old cub, is thriving in The Cub House.  After his initial uncertainty about blueberries, he now is eating anything blueberry-flavored with great relish.  He is eating Mazuri bear diet pellets soaked in blueberry juice, along with blueberry Greek yogurt and blueberries.  He has fresh water to drink, also.  As we can see in this recent photo, he is getting bigger and plumper – stronger, too.


Finnegan is eating very well in The Cub House. He is growing!

Milo Bear, our stubborn and uncooperative yearling, is staying in the trees, resisting the yummy treats that the curators use to try and entice him into the Acclimation Pen. To be able to sedate a bear for release, they need to capture it in a pen, so it can be sedated quickly and easily.  It seems that Milo remembers seeing other yearlings disappear into the pen and not return.  At least that’s the only reason we can think of that explains why he is so resistant to entering the pen, even though the treats must smell wonderful.  He is eating some peanuts that are left on the ground.  We are hoping that eventually his appetite will get the best of him and he will enter the pen.  Not quite yet.


Milo Bear in the Wild Enclosure.

The curators have learned that patience is needed in a situation like this.  They will wait until he is ready, and we’re sure he will be very happy with the ultimate outcome – release back into the wild.  He just doesn’t know it yet.