We posted a few days ago about Fergus’ return trip to UT and the surgery to repair a wound in his left armpit (mistakenly reported as right armpit).  The leg was swollen after the surgery, but he resumed his care in the Cub Nursery, with antibiotics added to his formula and applesauce.  We are glad to report that Fergus is recovering nicely.  The fact that when he was weighed at UT he had gained half a pound in just a couple of days was very encouraging.  We’re sure the weight gain is continuing.

Here is Fergus Bear, back at the ABR Cub Nursery.


Little Fergus Bear is doing well, recovering from his surgery.


The place where his fur was shaved shows in this photo.


Fergus snuggles with his stuffed bear companion that is about his size.

Because he is so young, Fergus’ head seems too large for his body.  The rest of him will catch up as he continues to eat and gain weight.

Milo Bear was supposed to be released along with the other yearlings .  However, he has proven to be stubbornly staying up in his tree.  We don’t know how or why he is resisting the tempting treats that Curator Coy has provided, hoping to lure him down and into the Acclimation Pen where he can be captured for his release workup.

Bear treats

Tempting treats for a bear – but Milo isn’t interested!

Another yearling was very interested in the treats, and went into the Acclimation Pen to help himself!  Unfortunately, Alonzo isn’t quite ready for release as yet.


Alonzo succumbed to temptation and came in to eat the goodies, but he is not yet ready for release.

Formerly the smallest bear on site, Skipper Bear is growing and thriving out in his Wild Enclosure.  Like Alonzo, Skipper has some more growing to do before he is ready for release.


Skipper Bear is doing well. He spends a good bit of time up in trees.

It will be interesting to observe how long it takes for Curator Coy to capture Milo Bear so he can be released back into the wild.  Meanwhile, we are glad that the other yearlings – Skipper, Alonzo and Wily are continuing to thrive.