Fergus Bear, our little three-month-old cub, is settled into the Cub Nursery.  The curators are hoping he will eat his formula from a bowl, but in case the Cub Feeder is needed, it is ready to go.  Fergus did drink blueberry juice from another bowl, which is an encouraging sign that he is ready to lap his food.

Here is Fergus in the pen with Mother Bunny, a stuffed toy for comfort.


Fergus Bear with stuffed companion.

A zoom lens gives us a close-up view of the tiny cub.


Fergus and Mother Bunny are about the same size.

When Fergus gets a bit bigger he will be introduced to Finnegan Bear.  Though they are the same age, Finn has more than tripled his weight since arriving at ABR, so they would not be a good match at this point.


Another recent arrival, the fifteen-month-old yearling, Wily Bear, shows good wild bear behavior by hiding on the upper platform of his “jungle gym” in the Acclimation Pen whenever a curator approaches with his food.


Can you see him? Wily Bear lives up to his name by hiding.

We can see him a little better in this photo, taken with a zoom lens.


There is Wily, up high in the Acclimation Pen.

Wily will be released into a Wild Enclosure as soon as the curators see that he is eating and beginning to put on weight.