Today we have photos of our most recent ABR residents, the cub Finnegan Bear and the newest yearling, Wily Bear.  Ken LaValley, our photographer of record, took a “portrait” of Finnegan that shows how much the little cub has grown in his six weeks with us.


Finnegan Bear at three months of age, a portrait.

Just for comparison, here is a photo that was taken by one of the curators.


Finnegan Bear in the Cub House.

Here is Ken, taking a photo from a great distance, using his mighty camera!  He uses a 600mm lens to take the portraits of the bears.


Ken LaValley with his professional camera.

Another comparison – here is a side-by-side view of Ken’s camera and the one the curators use.


Camera comparison. We think the curators do very well with their unit.

Finally, a photo of the elusive Wily Bear, who hides on the platform in his Acclimation Pen to avoid the human curators.


Wily Bear in his Acclimation Pen.

Wily will be able for release into a Wild Enclosure as soon as he has finished his meds.  He is doing well.