Recently, we showed you the very creative invention that Curator Coy devised to allow Finnegan to get his bear milk replacement formula without having to be held.  This is very important, since the mission of ABR is to prepare cubs for release, meaning they must not be habituated to humans.

Finnegan took to the feeder right away, and became so attached to it (because it is the source of his food at this point in his life) that he protested loudly when a curator came into the Cub Nursery.  It was as if he thought they were coming to take the feeder away from him.  What was Coy to do?  Why, make another one, of course!  Finnegan took to it immediately and it allowed Coy to divide the formula between the two feeders so he could clean out one side of the pen while Finnegan nursed in the other side.  Good solution for both curator and cub!

Here we see Finnegan with the original feeder, in one side of the pen.


There is Finnegan next to his feeder in one side of the pen.

Two cub feeders

Here are the two feeders that Curator Coy made. Finnegan likes both of them.

We are glad that Curator Coy is such a good inventor.  This device makes it possible to feed a young cub and still maintain the “hands-off” policy that is so necessary.