Is there anything cuter or more appealing than black bear cubs and yearlings?  It seems to us that they are absolutely appealing as they go about their business of being bears.  We have a video to share that will show you just why we say this – yearlings at play and eating their current favorite food, pears.  The play sequence reveals how young bears interact and at the same time strengthen their muscles and improve their self-defense skills.  At this age, they are testing interaction strategies in a playful way.  When they are grown, it’s possible they might need some of the strategies to compete for the right to mate or for food.

At the end of the video we see Finnegan Bear sucking from the Cub Feeder that Curator Coy invented.  It is working very well and allows the curators to give Finnegan the bear milk replacement formula in a bottle without actually handling him.

Click here to see this delightful video.  We are sure you will enjoy it!