We have three photos to share today, of the three bears in the title of the post.  All are doing well.  Finnegan, as a small cub, is growing rapidly.  Here is a photo of him in his pen in the Cub Nursery.  If you compare this with some other recent photos, you will notice that it is now easy to tell which of the black furry objects is Finnegan and which are his stuffed friends.


Finnegan stands out from his stuffed companions. He has grown!

Outside, in Wild Enclosure #4, there are six yearlings.  We have photos of two of them.  First, we have Cedar Bear up in a tree.  At first it seemed that Cedar spent all his time on the ground, foraging.  But as this photo proves, he can climb a tree if he wants to.


Cedar Bear sits in a tree in his enclosure.

Another yearling in Wild Enclosure #4 is Clarence Bear.


Clarence Bear spends time in the trees in Wild Enclosure #4.

As the leaves come out on the trees it becomes harder to see the yearlings and to identify them.  We may have more “anonymous yearlings” from now on.