As you have seen, if you’ve been following Appalachian Bear Rescue, black bear cubs and yearlings spend a great amount of time in trees – sometimes very high in trees.  Today we have a collection of photos of some of our yearlings hanging out in branches above ground.

Here are a couple of residents of Wild Enclosure #3, who used to be the smallest yearlings.  They have grown and are getting nice and chubby.


Cecilia Bear is getting along very well.


Cecilia Bear spends a lot of time up in trees.


Bailey Bear hasn’t tried to escape since she was returned to ABR.

Wild Enclosure #4 had very small yearlings.  Not so small any more!


Alonzo Bear has no trouble sleeping up in his tree. He looks very relaxed.


Julius is happy in his tree, although he looks uncomfortable to us.


Clarence doesn’t bother to turn around, so we have a backside view.


Cornelius Bear assumes a different pose in his tree.


Skipper was the very smallest yearling, but he is growing and thriving in the Wild Enclosure.

We have commented that as they grow it is harder to tell the yearlings apart, unless the ear tag numbers can be seen.  So here we have two unidentified yearlings

Healthy yearling

Although this yearling can’t be identified, he is looking healthy and chubby.


Although they spend a lot of time up in trees, they do come down to forage.

We have stated that many of these healthy and chubby yearlings will be returning to the wild very soon.  ABR has launched a campaign to help finance the much-needed repairs and restoration that will be required as soon as the bears have moved out.  They do a lot of damage to their Wild Enclosure habitats.  We had a very busy year, beginning in April 2015, and with the admission of our 2016 cub, we can’t be sure how many other cubs will require our help.  We must be prepared.  This is our campaign logo.

campaign logo

This is the logo for our campaign.

If you would like to contribute to this campaign, here are two ideas for you to consider:

1: Click the link below to our and scroll down to “DESIGNATE THIS GIFT FOR A SPECIFIC PURPOSE” and click the appropriate box at this link:…

2: Many of our yearlings are ready to go back to the wild. Visit our “Adopt-a-Cub” page and choose a cub adoption as a remembrance of them.…

We greatly appreciate your interest and support of Appalachian Bear Rescue.