Today we have a very short video of Finnegan Bear, before and after he has his breakfast.  Bear cubs are noisy and demanding when they are hungry, and you will hear Finnegan loudly announcing that he wants his breakfast – NOW!  After he is fed, he makes that “trilling” sound that lets us know he is contented and happy.  We can only imagine how noisy a den may be, if there are three cubs, all demanding food at the same time.  Although it’s a simple matter for a mother bear to provide the food, there must be some times when the loud cubs create a din in the den.

Click here to see – and hear – the little ABR cub, Finnegan Bear.

In this video, you will see that Finnegan is gaining strength in his legs.  He surprised the curators by climbing up his cage – a remarkable feat for a two-month-old cub!

Finnegan climbs

Finnegan climbs up his pen!

It was a very brief climb, and a few moments later, he was napping among his stuffed bear friends.  This time they are labeled so you can tell which is the real bear.


Climbing is hard work. Finnegan needed to rest after the effort.

Finnegan Bear is making good progress.  When he is able to lap his bear milk replacement formula and some yogurt and applesauce from a bowl, he will be ready to take the next step, into an Acclimation Pen.