Today we have a treat in the form of several photos of yearlings in the care of ABR, and one of our cub, Finnegan.  We start with a photo of most of the yearlings in Wild Enclosure #1.  There are eight bears in Wild Enclosure #1: Shelby, Tucker, Rufus, Flora, Tiny Tim, Beaufort, Linus and Otis.  This photo captures six of them, but we can’t say which six.  You’ll have to figure that out (or not) yourself.

6 yearlings

Six of the eight yearlings in Wild Enclosure #1.

One of the bears in Wild Enclosure #1 is Linus Bear.  Like most of them, he still has his winter coat.


Linus Bear forages.

Here are a few more individual bears.

Tiny Tim

Tiny Tim is not so tiny now!

Tiny Tim and Flora

Tiny Tim and Flora Bear forage together.


Tucker Bear is round and healthy.


Shelby has become a very chubby yearling.


Otis is another yearling in Wild Enclosure #1.

We have a couple of shots from Wild Enclosure #3.  These were much smaller but they are growing plump, too.


Snowflake has changed a lot and is looking good.


Snowflake’s profile view. Pretty bear!


Hazel Bear is also in Wild Enclosure #3.

And in Wild Enclosure #2 we have an image of two of the bears in a tree.

Pumpkin and Chestnut

Pumpkin and Chestnut Bear are comfy in their tree.

In Wild Enclosure #4, one of the yearlings is Skipper, who wasn’t expected to live  when he arrived in February.  Look at him now!


Skipper is still small, but he’s growing and thriving at ABR.

And last, but far from least, is the 2016 cub, Finnegan Bear.  He likes to nap among his stuffed friends.


If he weren’t labeled, you might have trouble finding Finnegan!

We don’t know how Finnegan became orphaned at such a young age, nor do we know how many other cubs were in his family, but he does seem to enjoy snuggling down with the toy bears when he takes a nap.