Today we report on little cub Finnegan, who is doing very well and getting stronger in the Cub Nursery.  His bear milk replacement formula is helping him to grow rapidly.


Skipper is exploring his pen and developing strength in his legs.

He moves as though on a mission.  His mission is to grow!  Here we see that his eyes are changing, too.  Newborn cubs are blind.  When the eyes first open they are blue in color.  As the cub grows the eyes gradually darken.


His eyes are clearer and are beginning to focus.

Skipper Bear is the second-smallest although he is a yearling, not a cub like Finnegan.  Curator Janet was able to capture a shot of Skipper foraging on the ground.

Skipper forages

Skipper Bear forages on the ground. He still spends a lot of time in trees, but when he’s hungry, down he comes.

Acorn Bear is in a specially modified pen, as we showed you in our last post.  Since she can’t climb to evade a curator, she uses Skipper’s former strategy – she hides in her culvert den.

Acorn hides

Acorn Bear hides in her culvert den.

We hope that Acorn Bear can keep from getting too stressed during her confinement.  It must be hard for a little bear who is so used to climbing trees to be prevented from doing so.  We hope her two week “no climbing” period goes quickly for her.