The 2016 cub at ABR is nicknamed Finnegan, because he arrived a few days before St. Patrick’s Day.  He was only 2.9 pounds when he came to us, but he is growing rapidly, as bear cubs do.  His food is a bear milk replacement formula that replicates a mother bear’s milk that is about 30 per cent fat.

In this short video, you will see how Finnegan demands his meal and how it is delivered to him.  Curator Janet must hold him, but does not cuddle him.  She keeps the bottle wrapped in a black towel so that it doesn’t seem like a bottle.  She makes no sound while feeding, though Finnegan makes plenty of sounds asking for more.  We think you will enjoy seeing this process.

Click here to access the video of Janet and Finnegan.  And if you look carefully at his claws, you’ll also see why we advise strongly against attempting to pick up a bear cub!