We’ve focused on the new 2016 cub, Finnegan Bear for the last couple of posts, so today we will look into the Wild Enclosures and see how the yearlings are doing.  The fact is, they are doing well, all 25 of them.

In Wild Enclosure #1 we see the largest yearlings currently residing at ABR.  The frenzied eating we saw earlier has lessened, and while these yearlings are still eating and putting on weight, they are more laid back about it.


Linus Bear lies on the ground while he munches.


Flora Bear, on the right, enjoys the pear she found.

Linus and Otis

Linus and Otis Bear forage together.

Linus and Otis

Linus and Otis Bear are getting big.


In this image, Otis Bear looks like a really big bear.

Some of these yearlings are described as looking like small buffaloes.Their lighter-colored, winter fur appears ruffled on their backs.  Another “buffalo-bear” is seen in this photo.  Tedford Bear is in Wild Enclosure #2.


Tedford Bear has lighter, winter fur on his back. His face shows the sleek black fur of his summer coat.

Here is another of Tedford’s mates, who shares Wild Enclosure #2.


Chestnut Bear is thriving and growing.

The smallest yearlings are in Wild Enclosure #4.  They spend almost all of their time in trees, just coming down to forage and eat when the food appears.


Clarence Bear stays in a tree between meals.

This seems to be a favorite position in the tree. It surely looks uncomfortable to us, but apparently it is fine for a bear.


Cedar Bear rests in a tree, also.

Finally, we see Skipper Bear, our smallest yearling, whose recovery has been a miracle.  Skipper has been in Wild Enclosure #4 for a little over a week and is doing very well.  He is always the highest one in his tree.


Skipper Bear likes to be up very high.

Those are all the photos we have today.  We are glad to report that everyone – yearlings and cub alike – are doing very well and making good progress.