ABR Cub #252, nicknamed Finnegan Bear, is currently being cared for in the Cub Nursery, where he is fed every few hours around the clock, just like a baby.  The curators are the only ones who feed the 2-month-old cub, and they do so very quickly and in silence, to prevent the little cub from bonding with them.

Today we are fortunate to be able to post links to two videos showing Finnegan in the Cub Nursery!  Both of them will literally melt your heart – he is that cute.  Click here to see the first video of Finnegan in the Cub Nursery.

The next video is the actual feeding process.  Curator Janet Dalton shows us how the little cub is fed.  He is a very enthusiastic and demanding eater!  Click here to watch and listen to a video of Finnegan being fed.

At ABR, tiny cubs are bottle fed as a necessity, but are weaned much sooner than cubs in the wild.  The goal is to get them ready for release back into the wild, and therefore habituation to human caretakers must be prevented.  When Finnegan is able to lap his formula from a bowl, bottle feeding will end.