In our last post we shared the news of Cecilia Bear’s release into the Wild Enclosure.  Today we have some of the other yearlings in their Wild Enclosures and a couple of shots of little Cub #252, Finnegan Bear.

Here is a photo of all of the yearlings in Wild Enclosure #3 – Snowflake, Milo, Zellie, Joy, Hazel and Bailey.  Can you spot all six?

Wild Enclosure 3

There are six yearlings in Wild Enclosure #3. They are sharing the same tree.


One of the yearlings in Wild Enclosure #3 – we don’t know who it is.

In response to the warmer weather, the curators have filled the swimming pools in the enclosures.  One of the yearlings takes advantage of the pool to get a drink.

Thirsty yearling

Thirsty yearling gets a drink.

Acorn Bear

Acorn Bear is looking good.  She is in Wild Enclosure #2.

Meanwhile, little cub Finnegan Bear is doing well in the Cub Nursery.


Closeup of Finnegan Bear.


Finnegan Bear has a stuffed bear for a companion.


Finnegan and friend.

Although at this point Finnegan and his stuffed friend are about the same size, the cub will soon grow to be larger.  It is amazing to see a bear cub grow and develop so quickly.