Rufus Bear is a yearling who arrived at ABR in November.  He was nine months old at the time, and weighed what a normal three-month-old cub would weigh – 9 pounds.  We have some recent photos of Rufus Bear to share with you and you can see why we gave him the title of “Rufus the Round.”  He has been diligent about foraging and putting on weight.  It’s hard to estimate his weight now, but it is certainly over 75 pounds!  He is a healthy weight for a yearling bear and is ready for release very soon.


Rufus foraging to grow even bigger.

We can see that Rufus Bear has a thick, fluffy winter coat. the bears will begin to molt the winter fur as the weather continues to warm up.


Rufus Bear certainly does look round these days!


His nose is always to the ground as he forages.

We’ll look at some of the other yearlings currently residing in Wild Enclosures at ABR.  Here is Clarence Bear.


Clarence Bear napping in a tree.

Most of the yearlings are found in trees when not foraging.


Bailey Bear is content after her escape and recapture. She is healthy and growing.


Skipper Bear is often found high up in a tree since his recent release into the Wild Enclosure.


Julius Bear arrived in late February. He is thriving at ABR.

Finally, we’ll peek in at our 2016 cub, Finnegan Bear in the Cub Nursery.


Finnegan Bear naps contentedly with his stuffed bear companion.

We’ll have more on Finnegan Bear in our next post.  All of the bears at ABR are doing well!