The tiny 2016 cub, Finnegan Bear, is sleeping a lot, as all babies do.  We reported about his rescue in the last post.  You will recall that he weighed less than three pounds, he is about six weeks old, and he is currently housed in the Cub Nursery.  The curators feed him every 3 hours and monitor him by way of the Nursery cam.  When it is feeding time, a curator goes into the Cub Nursery, feeds the wee cub and cleans the pen quickly and silently, and leaves.  If we are lucky, the curator is able to take a quick photo.

Today we are lucky to have a couple of photos of Finnegan Bear sleeping in his pen.

Finnegan sleeps

Finnegan Bear sleeps next to his stuffed bear buddy. The stuffed bear is almost the same size!

Finnegan turns

Finnegan turns over and shifts his position. Very young cubs sleep a lot.

The towels create a soft bed for Finnegan and are easy for the curators to change and wash often.

As a contrast in size, we have a video of three of the yearlings having a lazy day in their Wild Enclosure.  Tedford, Pumpkin and Chestnut Bear show us how large a bear cub can grow in a year.  The three are one year older than baby Finnegan, and they have grown into real, chubby cubbies!  Click here to see the three yearlings relaxing outdoors in their enclosure.