On March 14th ABR admitted the first 2016 cub, a 2.9 pound male, rescued in Carter County on a rainy day. It is speculated that the tiny cub either fell from a tree den (bears in our area often den in a hollowed out place high up in a tree) or crawled out of another type of den.  The officer could not find any clues to where the little guy came from, and since it was cold and wet, the best course of action was to meet Curator Coy at the UT Vet School so the cub could be examined.

In honor of the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day, the cub was nicknamed Finnegan Bear.  Here are a few images of little Finnegan at UT and then at ABR.


Finnegan Bear at UTCVM.

He was found to be healthy for such a small, young cub.  Curator Coy gave him Pedialyte in a syringe and Finnegan took it well, even making the humming sound of a contented bear cub.

Curator Coy feeds

Curator Coy gave the cub Pedialyte in a syringe.

Finnegan tired very quickly, as any new baby would do.

Finnegan tired

Finnegan Bear became tired quickly.

Curator Coy put the cub in the Cub Nursery to rest and sleep.  He will be remotely monitored around the clock by the curator, via a baby monitor.

Tired cub

Tired little Finnegan.

Tiny Finnegan has a stuffed bear for comfort.

Finnegan and stuffed bear

Finnegan Bear with his stuffed companion.

We now have 25 yearling bears and 1 new cub onsite.  More challenges for the curators!  We welcome Cub #252, Finnegan Bear, even as we are bidding goodbye and good luck to some of our larger yearlings.