Another ABR yearling has been released back into the wild.  Gamble Bear was taken home on March 8th.  Now the ABR yearling population is at 25.

We have photos to share, starting with this one of Gamble Bear when he arrived in November.  He was underweight at 16.5 pounds and had an abscess on his inner lip that had to be treated and sutured.


Gamble Bear on November 1, 2015 – a frightened cub.

He was soon released into Wild Enclosure #2, where he hung out in trees and foraged for food.  By January 2016 he was much larger.

Gamble and others

He foraged with the other yearlings and grew healthy and plump.


After a couple of months at ABR, he looked much better.

On March 8, 2016 after four months at ABR, he was ready to be released.  First he was lured into the same pen where he had spent his first days, while taking the antibiotics to help him recover from the surgery.


Gamble in the Acclimation Pen he occupied when he arrived. Now it was time to leave.

Curator Coy and park officer Ryan Williamson worked Gamble up for his release.  Gamble had gained 67.5 pounds!  At 84 pounds, he is a healthy weight for a yearling bear.


Gamble was weighed and measured.

Gamble's eyes

Gamble’s eyes are covered so they don’t dry out.

Mouth and teeth

His mouth and teeth are checked and are healthy. The suture has healed well.

Gamble is a healthy young bear!  He is ready to go home to the woods.

Gamble comes out

The carrier is opened and Gamble comes out.


Gamble heads for the nearest tree.

This photo shows just how small a yearling bear really is.  The closeup photos we are accustomed to seeing make these little bears look much larger.

Gamble - tree

Gamble climbs up the tree and stops to look around.


He comes down and cautiously looks around.

A little bear can’t be too careful in a new, strange place.  In this photo we can clearly see the GPS collar the he is wearing as part of Curator Coy’s study.


He takes another look to see if it is safe.

Gamble runs

Gamble takes off at a run, heading toward the woods.

Gamble is free

Gamble Bear is once again a free, wild bear!

As always when a bear is released, we wish him a good, long life in the wild.  We hope that he is able to steer clear of humans and dangers, and we hope that he is able to find all the food he needs as the seasons unfold.  Good bye, Gamble Bear!  Good luck in your new life!