You have seen the ABR bears in snow and rain.  Today we have bears enjoying the sunshine.  It seems as though spring is on its way, and our yearlings, much like we humans, enjoy soaking up the sun.

Here is Tedford Bear, enjoying the sun as he lies comfortably (at least to him) on the limb of a tree.  Tedford is arguably  the largest of the 26 yearlings, and will soon be released, we are sure.  When he arrived in October he was underweight for a 9-month-old cub, at 16 pounds.  He had an elevated temperature and some parasites.  Released into Wild Enclosure #2 in early November, Tedford went straight up a tree, and as we can see he still likes to “hang out” in trees.


Tedford Bear has become a big boy.

The rest of our photos today were taken in Wild Enclosure #1.  This is Linus Bear.  His is the only photo we can identify from the picture.


Linus Bear is getting to be a big boy, too.

Here are some “candid shots” of bears in Wild Enclosure #1.

Two yearlings

These two yearlings appear to be different sizes. That’s quite likely true.

Plump yearling

We aren’t sure who this is, but it’s a nice, plump bear enjoying the sun.

Two yearlings

One more peek into Wild Enclosure #1.

All of the yearlings are coming along nicely.  Their stay at ABR is drawing to a close.  It’s time for them to be returned to the wild to carry on their lives as wild bears.