On October 18, 2015 Cub #218 arrived.  He was nicknamed Derby Bear, because he was from Kentucky.  He weighed 26 pounds back then, and was too small to have survived the winter without eating.  Here is a photo of Derby Bear in the Acclimation Pen after his arrival.


Derby looked very small but he seemed to have very long legs.

In November, Ken LaValley took a portrait shot of Derby Bear.  He wears red ear tags, because that is the color Kentucky uses for male bears.  At ABR they made him easier to recognize.


Derby was growing already after a month at ABR.

By the first of February, Derby had filled out and was growing into his long legs.


Derby taking a walk around Wild Enclosure #2.

On February 29th, KY Wildlife Officer Tristan Curry traveled to ABR to reclaim the KY bear.

Derby to staging area

A sedated Derby Bear, on his way to the staging area.

The usual procedures were followed.

Derby weight

Derby was weighed – he had almost tripled his weight, at 75.5 pounds.

Officer Curry was very pleased with Derby’s weight and state of health.

Derby measured

Derby was measured.

Derby vitals

Vital statistics were noted.

Derby healthy

Derby Bear is in good health and good shape.

Derby wakens

Derby started to wake up – time to go!

Derby into truck

Derby was placed in the pen on Officer Curry’s truck.

Off to KY

Off to his “Old Kentucky Home.”

A final look at Derby – a photo that was taken recently.  It shows what a handsome bear he is now.

Derby now

Derby is a handsome bear.

As always, we wish Derby Bear a long and happy life in the wild where he belongs.  Good bye, Derby Bear -good luck in your new life!