Just when we thought that we had received our last needy yearling, TWRA Officer Gene Parker notified Curator Janet that he would meet her at the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine to deliver another bear into our custody. This little bear is a male and weighed 27.5 pounds.  That is considerably more than some of our more recent arrivals, but is less than half what a yearling bear should weigh.  Curator Janet met Officer Parker and the usual examination was performed.  Here are some photos of the exam.

Bear #251

Bear #251 arrived in the trap that TWRA used to capture him.

Bear #251 is nicknamed Julius, in honor of Julius Caesar, who is known as the “Father of Leap Year.”  You will notice that Julius Bear looks larger on the exam table than the last couple of malnourished yearlings.

Dr. Morrison and Julius

Dr. Morrison performs the exam with assistance from Officer Parker.

Curator Janet and Julius

Curator Janet with Julius Bear.


Julius Bear is in relatively good health.

Julius Bear received the usual fluids and was prescribed worm medicine.  No antibiotics were needed for him – that is good news. He went back to ABR with Curator Janet, to spend a few days in an Acclimation Pen until his medicine is gone.  Chances are that Julius Bear won’t be at ABR more than a few weeks, during which time he will undoubtedly put on weight.  Welcome to our newest arrival!