Every so often, ABR’s photographer of record comes by to take professional “portraits” of the bears.  These are taken not only for the aesthetic value but because the high resolution images make it easier for our curators to study the photos and actually see how the bears are doing.  Since they don’t interact with the bears, this is the best way for them to keep an eye on the little bears, so to speak.  Of course, as we have said before, the bears have to cooperate by being seen when Ken is there.  Today we have the latest portraits of a few of the yearlings.

One cooperative bear was Hazel, who is in Wild Enclosure #3.  Ken was able to take several good photos of her.


Hazel Bear seems to be posing for her portrait.


Hazel is photogenic!


Ken LaValley captures every detail.


Hazel appears to be a little wary.


Do you suppose she is saying she’s had enough of posing for pictures?

Another little yearling in Wild Enclosure #3 who was cooperative was Bailey Bear.


Bailey Bear strikes a pose for the photographer.


Bailey Bear shows her sense of balance.


Bailey Bear climbed a tree for Ken.

In Wild Enclosure #4, Ken was able to take a photo of Cornelius Bear in a tree.


Cornelius Bear is snoozing on a tree limb.

Ken took a portrait of Otis Bear in Wild Enclosure #1.


Otis Bear sits under a tree in his enclosure.

Curator Janet also took some photos of yearlings.  Although the curators’ photos aren’t done with the professional equipment that Ken has, they do a very good job documenting the yearling bears.  Here is Janet’s shot of Alonzo Bear in Wild Enclosure #4.


Alonzo Bear sits on a branch of the tree.

Curator Janet also took photos of three of the yearlings in Wild Enclosure #3.


Snowflake Bear is comfortable as only a bear can be in this position.

Zellie and Milo

Zellie and Milo Bear share a tree in Wild Enclosure #3.

Finally, just to update on the two smallest yearlings who are still in pens, here are Cecilia in the Cub Garage and Skipper Bear, hiding in plain sight in his pen in the new Cub House.


Cecilia Bear is feeling better and eating well.


In Cub House #2, Skipper Bear hides from the curator.

All of the 26 yearling bears currently being cared for at ABR are doing well.  They continue to eat and grow,just as they should do.