Tiny Tim Bear arrived at ABR in November as a 10-month-old cub, weighing just 11 pounds.  He was one of the first of the very small almost-yearlings we have received in the last few months.  Today we have an update on him, several photos that Curator Greg was fortunate (and patient) enough to get of not-so-Tiny Tim Bear today.

We’ll start with a photo of his release into the Wild Enclosure later in November, so you can recall just how small he was then.

Tiny Tim - November

Tiny Tim in November, entering the Wild Enclosure.

Now look at him in this current photo!

Tiny Tim now

Tiny Tim has a thick winter coat and he has grown a lot since his arrival.

Here are a couple more photos that show how big he is.  He will be ready for release whenever the wildlife officers decide the time is right.

Tiny Tim in tree

Tiny Tim is still a small, yearling-sized bear, but he’s healthy and seems confident.

Tiny Tim forages

Tiny Tim forages for nuts.

He and others in his Wild Enclosure continue to forage and put on those necessary pounds.

Tiny Tim

Nose to the ground, Tiny Tim forages.

The yearlings are doing well.  They are eating nuts, bear pellets, and fruits that make them grow bigger and stronger for their eventual release.