We have some rather amusing photos to share today.  Most of the bears in Wild Enclosure #1 were in a den when the curator came with a food delivery.  Proving that they aren’t really getting ready to hibernate, the bears were lured out by the smell of food – bear diet pellets, peanuts and pears.  One by one they emerged, all covered with pine chips, which line the floors of the dens.  We see little bears with pine chips clinging to their fur.

Yearlings - den

Yearlings come out of den when they smell food.

During the next few minutes, more bears emerged from the den.

Bear by den

A bear sits at the entrance to the den.

Their coats were covered with pine chips that stuck to their fur.

Bears with pine chips

They were covered in pine chips from the floor of the den.

Sharing a den

Several yearlings shared this den.

Yearling on den

One yearling stood on top of the den. This bear is covered with chips.

Over in Wild Enclosure #3, the bears seem to prefer to hang out in the trees.  As always at ABR, the bears get to choose what they want to do and where they want to sleep.  We are glad to see some of them taking advantage of the cozy dens when it is cold and rainy.