We have an update about the three yearlings named in the title. Alonzo Bear (#249) was pacing in his Acclimation Pen.  Since he had finished his meds, the curator released him into Wild Enclosure #4.  He wasted no time in going out into the enclosure.


Alonzo Bear was quick to climb a tree in the Wild Enclosure.


Alonzo likes the trees in his enclosure.

Skipper has moved out of the Cub Nursery and is now residing in the new Cub House.  He has more room and things to climb on and strengthen his muscles.  He is eating well and making very good progress.


Skipper Bear immediately started climbing on the wall of his pen.

Cecilia Bear is eating very enthusiastically.  Here we see her about to attack her food bowl of bear pellets and pecans.


Cecilia Bear likes to eat. It’s good that she does, as she has a lot of weight to gain.

We are very glad to see these small yearlings respond so well to the ABR diet.  They will soon be on their way to the chubbiness that the other yearlings have achieved.