We received another yearling bear in need.  This is the 250th bear to be cared for at ABR and she is nicknamed Cecilia.  Cecilia Bear was rescued and brought by a TWRA officer to our facility.  She seemed to be in fairly good shape, so her exam at UTCVM took place the next morning.  Here are some photos.

Cecilia-Dr. Sullivan

Dr. Sullivan prepares to examine Cecilia Bear.


Cecilia Bear on exam table.

The examination revealed a number of ticks that were removed.  A topical cream was applied to get rid of any more ticks that might be hiding.  Cecilia Bear weighed 15.6 pounds.  This would be the average weight of a normal four month old cub, but Cecilia is a yearling bear.

Dr. Sullivan - Cecilia

Dr. Sullivan discusses the little bear with his interns.

Cecilia's teeth

Her teeth and mouth looked reasonably healthy. The pale gums indicate anemia.

She was found to be anemic and protein deficient, conditions that will be addressed through her diet.  She was transferred back to ABR and housed in a pen temporarily.  She will probably be released into a Wild Enclosure before long.

Cecilia at ABR

Cecilia settled into the pen at ABR.

She started to eat right away, and then went into her culvert den.  Welcome, Cecilia Bear!