As we have said before, it’s always a big day when a little bear moves out into one of the Wild Enclosures.  This is the last move within ABR; the next move will occur when it’s time for release in the wild.  Two of our recent arrivals, Bailey Bear and Clarence Bear are now out in wild enclosures.  Both of them were very small and spent time in acclimation pens.  Bailey was in the Cub Garage after being returned following her escape.  Both of these little yearlings had made so much progress and were eating, eliminating, and climbing well enough that the curators decided it was time to give them the experience of being out in a large, natural enclosure.

First we see Clarence, coming out of the Acclimation Pen and into Wild Enclosure #4.


Clarence stands in the open doorway to the Acclimation Pen.


Clarence steps out into the Wild Enclosure.

He checks out his new surroundings, and finds some food to eat.

Clarence forages

Clarence forages in the Wild Enclosure.

Meanwhile, Bailey Bear is being introduced to Wild Enclosure #3.


Bailey steps out of her Acclimation Pen into Wild Enclosure #3.

Her first act was to check out the nearby den.

Bailey in den

Bailey tried out the den.

She investigated the new area.


Bailey checks out the Wild Enclosure, remaining watchful.

She tried out one of the trees in the enclosure.

Bailey and tree

Bailey Bear climbs a tree.

Beiley on tree

Bailey Bear on the tree.

Now that Bailey and Clarence Bear are out in Wild Enclosures, the only yearlings still in pens are Skipper and Alonzo Bear.  They are making significant progress.  Soon, Skipper will leave the Cub Nursery for an Acclimation Pen, and Alonzo will be out in a Wild Enclosure.