The answer to the question posed in the title is “Very well!”  All of the yearlings are doing well, eating, growing, and doing what they should be doing as yearling bears that still need to grow before they can be released into the wild.

We’ll start with the two newest arrivals, and smallest bears onsite.  Alonzo Bear did not come out of his culvert den in the pen in the Cub Garage.  Guess he is enjoying the sense of warmth and safety he finds there.


Alonzo Bear is staying in his culvert den.

Skipper Bear is becoming feisty – a good sign that he is feeling better.  He has been flipping his empty food bowls and rearranging his bedding.

Skipper Bear

Skipper Bear is feeling better and showing a bit more wild behavior.

Out in the enclosures, the yearlings have been sleeping in trees, visiting the dens, and eating, always eating.  They are making good progress toward chubbiness.


An unidentified yearling in an enclosure.

yearling on tree

A yearling climbs a tree in an enclosure.

yearling in den

Another yearling emerges from a den.

In Wild Enclosure #4 Cornelius and Cedar are resting in separate trees.  This is the first photo of Cedar actually up in a tree.  In previous images, he had been at the base of a tree.

Cornelius and Cedar

Cornelius Bear is on the left and Cedar Bear is on the right.

As you may have guessed, it was a foggy day.  Here are all of the cubs in Wild Enclosure #3 – Snowflake, Milo, Zellie, Joy and Hazel.  We can’t tell which black shape is who.

Wild Enclosure #3

Yearlings in Wild Enclosure #3. Do you see 5 black blobs? Those are the bears!

The snow has ended, at least for now, so we may have more images of yearling bears later today or tomorrow. Everyone is fine, we’re glad to say!