The weather was turning nasty with snow, sleet, and rain in the forecast.  But a dedicated TWRA officer went out to rescue an orphaned, malnourished yearling and bring the little male bear to ABR.  Bear #249 is nicknamed Alonzo.  He weighs just 12.9 pounds, about one-fourth what he should weigh as a one-year-old bear.  Gene Parker, the TWRA officer, took the little bear directly to UTCVM, and Curator Janet met him there to observe the bear’s exam.

Alonzo exam

Alonzo Bear is examined by Dr. Morrison and her team as Officer Parker looks on.

The result of the examination was that Alonzo is relatively healthy, despite his depleted state.  His adult teeth are coming in.  He had some minor skin issues because of his malnutrition, but had no injuries.


Alonzo during his exam.

Alonzo - tag

Curator Janet prepares to tag Alonzo.

He was given the usual fluids and prescribed the familiar worm medicine before being sent back to ABR.



Alonzo was transferred to the pen in the Cub Garage.

So now we have twenty-six little yearling bears at ABR.  The other twenty-five are doing well in their various pens and enclosures.