We have mentioned our photographer of record, Ken LaValley, who comes now and then to take high-resolution photos of those bears that are willing (that is, those that can be seen).  Ken is a professional photographer and is the only person beside the curators who takes photos of the bears in our care.  Like the curators, he is restricted to taking the photos when the curators go to feed and has to remain hidden from the bears.  Hazel Bear was a willing subject the other day, and the results are outstanding.  We are sure you will agree that Ken captured some amazing images of little Hazel Bear.


Hazel Bear puts her best foot forward in this photo.

Not long ago, we saw photos of Snowflake Bear in this same tree.  It must be a comfortable spot.


Is Hazel Bear trying to hide from the photographer?


Hazel Bear shifts her position. Is this her best side?


Hazel Bear finds another position.  Looks like she is getting sleepy.

Ken took a couple of photos of Hazel away from her cozy perch in the tree.


Hazel Bear on her way up (or down) the tree. The light is different.

If you have followed us for a few months, you may remember that many of the cubs in Wild Enclosure #3 sat on a stump in the enclosure.  Sometimes they crowded together in a group, and sometimes they sat alone.  As the cubs grew they covered more and more of this stump.  We can gauge Hazel’s small size in comparison to the earlier stump-sitters, by noting how much stump is left uncovered.  As she grows she’ll take up more of the space.

Hazel on stump

Hazel perches on the “famous stump” in Wild Enclosure #3.

We think that Ken LaValley did a wonderful job of capturing the character of this little yearling bear.  We look forward to seeing more of his photos in the future.  Thank you, Ken!