ABR received rescued bear #248 nicknamed Skipper Bear.  This little one is tinier and more fragile than any of the recent arrivals.  He weighs just 8 pounds, rather than the 50+ pounds that a normal yearling should weigh.  His condition is guarded.  As of now he has made it through his UTCVM exam (photos below) and his first night at ABR.  The curators will provide round-the-clock care, keeping watch of him via the baby monitor and feeding him small, measured amounts often.  But there are no guarantees – in his depleted and fragile state, it will be one day at a time.

Here are the photos taken at UT.

Skipper exam

Dr. Sullivan studies little Skipper.


He examines the tiny yearling.

The little bear has some bald patches behind his ears and around his eyes.  His muscle tone is poor, which isn’t surprising given his small size.

Bald patch

Bald patch behind Skipper’s ear.

When Curator Janet returned to ABR with Skipper, she housed him in the Cub Nursery, where he can be kept warm and monitored from the ABR office.

Skipper in Cub Nursery

Skipper in the pen in the Cub Nursery.

Skipper sleeps

Skipper settled down and went to sleep. He needs lots of rest.

Skipper Bear is in poorer condition than any of the recent needy yearlings.  We hope that with care, food, warmth and safety he will be able to get well.  Many people are praying for his recovery.