On the day that Bailey Bear had her recheck at UT after her return from her escapades, ABR received yet another needy yearling – #247, nicknamed Clarence Bear.  Clarence was rescued in Pigeon Forge and was taken to the UTCVM for his exam.  Clarence is another very small yearling; he weighed just 13 pounds.  Here are some photos of his exam at UT.


Clarence Bear ready for his exam.

Clarence - exam

Dr. Sullivan and his team with Clarence.

He looks very small on the examination table.

Clarence - exam

Dr. Sullivan and his team examine Clarence. His heartbeat is checked.

Although he is a very small yearling, his claws are impressive!  Curator Coy thought this little bear had an awesome set of claws.

Clarence's claws

Look at those claws! They are good for tree climbing.

Clarence is our twenty-fourth yearling bear onsite now.  We are getting close to a record.

We mentioned that Clarence arrived just after Bailey Bear had her post-adventure recheck at the vet school.  Here is a photo of that visit.

Bailey's recheck

Dr Sullivan and team check Bailey again.

We can see that there was a lot of interest in this little bear on the part of the students and interns.  They found that Bailey had lost weight during her time on the lam – she was 16 pounds when she first came to ABR, and now she weighed just 11 pounds.  She simply can’t afford a weight loss like that.  Dr. Sullivan advised the curators to mix some yogurt in with her diluted bear milk replacement formula.  It’s imperative that she eat.  We hope that she will now be able to adjust to eating again and will grow strong and healthy.