Yesterday we posted about Bailey Bear (Cub #242) being returned to ABR a week after her escape.  She was found about four miles away from the facility, and of course we have no way of knowing what route she took to get there.  We are just very happy to have her back so that we can give her a second chance at a wild life.

We have a sequence of photos that show how she was returned to ABR.  First, a TWRA wildlife officer brought Bailey, inside the Hav-a-Heart trap, to the facility.

Bailey in trap

TWRA officer holds Bailey in the trap that captured her.

Curator Greg received the yearling from the officer.

Curator Greg

Curator Greg takes possession of the trap and Bailey.

Greg and Bailey

Curator Greg carried Bailey into the Cub Garage.

Bailey is secure in the pen inside the garage.

Bailey Bear

Bailey Bear inside the pen in the Cub Garage.

Bailey is being monitored carefully and is being fed bear milk replacement formula and soft foods until her stomach adjusts to being fed.  The curator did not weigh her, but estimates that she lost a pound or two during her week away.  She can’t afford to lose weight – she needs to gain a lot of pounds!