With twenty-three yearling bears onsite, it’s hard to keep up with all of them.  Today we have photos of a few – two in Wild Enclosure #2, one in Wild Enclosure #1, and the one bear who is still in the pen in the Cub Garage.

We start with a view of Wild Enclosure #1, where there are currently eight little bears.  Half of them are seen foraging.

Wild Enclosure 1

A good view of Wild Enclosure #1.

Beaufort Bear is one of them.


Beaufort Bear is turning into a handsome yearling.

One of the cubs has found an apple to eat.  For bears “an apple a day” may be two, three, or four, or more.

Bear and apple

A yearling makes short work of an apple.

Over in Wild Enclosure #2, we find Derby Bear.


Derby Bear takes a walk around. He’s passing one of the culvert dens.


Herbie Bear is eating something.

Next, we visit Hazel Bear in the pen in the Cub Garage.


Hazel Bear is still on her meds. She has to be confined a bit longer.

Those are the photos for this post.  As we’ve said before, photos can only be taken when the bears cooperate by coming into view.  We’ll see who shows up in days to come.