ABR admitted another malnourished, starving yearling bear – #246, nicknamed Hazel Bear.  Hazel is very small, weighing just 12 pounds.  That is a typical weight for a three to four month old cub, but this little one is 12 months old – a yearling.  It’s hard to imagine how she has survived this long.  We have photos of her exam at the UT College of Veterinary Medicine.

Curator Janet took Hazel to UT.  Dr. Bernal gave the tiny bear a shot to sedate her for the examination.

Hazel at UT

Curator Janet took Hazel to UT for her exam.

Hazel Bear is a very tiny yearling who should weigh about four times what she weighs.

Hazel is tiny

Hazel is a tiny bear.

The vets gave her the usual examination and found that she is reasonably healthy, despite her very low weight.

Vets examine

The vets examine Hazel.

Hazel's exam

Curator Janet helps by holding the mask over Hazel’s muzzle.

Hazel's paw

Here is Hazel’s front paw.

The usual worm medicine was prescribed, and Curator Janet was instructed to give the little bear diluted milk replacement formula and soft foods in small amounts until her system becomes accustomed to handling more food.

When they returned to ABR, Hazel was settled into the Cub Garage, where Cedar Bear spent some recovery time.

Hazel in Cub Garage

Hazel Bear in the Cub Garage. She will be there for a few days, until she becomes accustomed to eating again.

These starving yearling bears are truly in need of intervention.  We are glad that we can be here to help them, and stand ready to help any others that are found and brought to us.