With twenty-two yearling bears currently residing at ABR, it is hard to keep up with all of them.  Today we have some photos of some of the yearlings in Wild Enclosure 1, some of the Wild Enclosure 2 yearlings, and a special look at Cedar and Cornelius Bear.

First, we’ll see what Curator Coy and Curator Greg did to prepare a special Acclimation Pen for Cedar Bear.  You’ll remember that he was housed in the Cub Garage when he came to ABR, due to his head injury and the need for quiet and rest.  The curators observed that he was ready to take the next step, and prepared climbing structures for him in the larger Acclimation Pen.

Pen for Cedar

Preparations for Cedar Bear.

Greg climbs

Curator Greg tried out the climbing structure.

The curators moved Cedar Bear into his new pen, and were rewarded when he climbed up to the platform and back down.  They had been concerned about his mobility, but apparently he has gained strength.

Here are some of the yearlings in Wild Enclosure #1.  It looks as though they posed together for a group shot.

Wild Enclosure 1

Yearlings in Wild Enclosure #1.

These bears were the smallest onsite until the most recent arrivals.  They are getting chubby as they eat the tasty and nutritious food.


Tucker Bear has put on weight.

The yearlings in Wild Enclosure #2 were a little larger when they arrived.  They are thriving.

Wild Enclosure 2

Some of the Wild Enclosure #2 bears.

Pumpkin Bear

Pumpkin Bear is getting to be as round as her namesake.


Gamble is noticeably larger and healthier.


Tedford is another bear in Wild Enclosure 2.

We have some more photos of the arrival and settling in of Bear #245, Cornelius Bear.  He arrived in a trap, transported by TWRA.

Cornelius arrives

TWRA officer unloads trap with Cornelius inside.

Cornelius Bear was soon settled into an Acclimation Pen.


Cornelius went into the culvert den to rest.


He lapped up his bear replacement formula and tipped the bowl over.

There still has been no sign of Bear #244, Bailey Bear, who escaped from her Acclimation Pen after breakfast a couple of days ago.  The curators are keeping the trap stocked with tempting food, hoping that she will be lured back.  She doesn’t realize how much better her life would be if she returned to ABR for the good and nutritious food!