ABR welcomed bear #245, nicknamed Cornelius Bear. He is a small yearling weighing 18.1 pounds.  His checkup at the UT College of Veterinary Medicine showed him to be relatively healthy and he was returned to ABR with the usual worm medicine.  He is housed in an outdoor acclimation pen. We have a couple of photos of Cornelius being examined at UT.


Bear #245, Cornelius Bear at the UTCVM.

UT vets

UT vets and interns are getting a lot of practice with little bears this year!

The title of this post mentions a disappearance – unbelievably, Bear #244, who just arrived a couple of days ago, escaped from her Acclimation Pen just after breakfast this morning!  She was nowhere to be found, and the curators could find only one possible “exit” that they felt would have required a contortionist to squeeze through.  They searched the facility and she was nowhere to be found.  TWRA has set two Have a Heart traps, in hopes that Bailey will be lured by the smell of food.  Time will tell.  Yes, the small “exit” is being sealed against future escapes.