As we have stated before, the curators can only take photos of the yearlings who make themselves visible.  The photos are taken when the curator goes to feed the bears, and have to be done very quickly.  Herbie Bear, in Wild Enclosure 2 was willing to be photographed.  The snow has stopped falling and started to melt, and Herbie decided to come out to see what food was available.  These are very good pictures of Herbie, and show just how much he has grown since he was admitted in early December.


Herbie is out to see what he can find to eat.


He likes to sit on top of a culvert den.

The curators have seen tracks in the snow, and have observed the yearlings going in and out of the dens, so they are being used.


Herbie looks for others in the enclosure.

Herbie profile

Herbie shows his profile. We can see those guard hairs – the winter coat that keeps bears warm and waterproof.


He even shows his tail end.

Herbie stands

Just like a big bear, Herbie stands up to get a better view.

Another yearling, Derby Bear, happens by.

Derby and Herbie

Derby Bear strolls by. Herbie notices him.

Herbie and Derby

Herbie and Derby meet and greet.

Wild Enclosure 2

Wild Enclosure 2 yearlings.