The ABR curators were excited when Cedar Bear, the yearling who arrived recently with a head wound and has been recovering in a pen in the garage, actually climbed up and down the sides of his pen.  Of course, climbing is a very natural thing for cubs and yearlings to do, but there had been concern about Cedar’s climbing ability due to his injury.  He showed that he is able to climb like a bear – very good news!  Cedar Bear still has meds to finish, but now that he is climbing, it looks like when his meds are done he’ll be able to be out in a Wild Enclosure.  Click here to see the very short video of his climbing ability.

The only one of the Wild Enclosure yearlings who made an appearance for a photo was Otis Bear, in Wild Enclosure 1. Here he is, starting to climb down from his tree to forage in the snow.

Otis Bear

Otis Bear starts down the tree.

He doesn’t mind the snow at all.


Otis reaches the ground and begins to look for food.

Yearling bears can find food even when it is in the snow.

Otis eats

Otis finds food in the snow.

It was good to see Otis out and about as we hadn’t seen him in awhile.  The snow is beginning to melt today, so we may see more bears tomorrow.