The snow has continued to fall and the ABR yearlings continue to stay in their trees for the most part, although we have a photo of Snowflake Bear high-stepping through the snow, no doubt in foraging mode.  Her fur is looking better (and thicker).  Good nutrition makes a big difference in the little bears – not only their weight/fat but also in the condition of their fur.


Snowflake high-steps through the snow.  She is still a very small yearling.

Here is Snowflake, back in her tree, with her enclosure-mates, Milo and Zellie in their trees.  We aren’t sure which two of the three are sharing a tree.

Zellie, Milo and Snowflake

All three of the bears in Wild Enclosure 3 – Zellie, Milo and Snowflake.

Over in Wild Enclosure 1 we have a photo of seven of the eight yearlings in trees.  We wonder why they don’t choose cozy dens instead of being out in the open.  Guess it’s a bear thing.

Wild Enclosure 1

Here we can see all but one of the yearlings in Wild Enclosure 1.

And here is the eighth bear in that enclosure.

Eighth yearling

The eighth yearling is on the ground – foraging or waiting for a food delivery?

Yearlings in Wild Enclosure 2 climb down to forage for their food.

Wild Enclosure 2

These yearlings are coming down to forage. They know there is food for them.


Beaufort Bear is climbing down to eat.

Do you suppose that Herbie Bear is thinking about using this nice den?


Herbie Bear sits on top of a culvert dens.

The zoom lens captures three of the yearlings in Wild Enclosure 2 relaxing in one tree.

Three yearlings

Three yearlings in one tree. Please hold on tight, little bears!

There are three other yearlings who are not quite so exposed – Joy Bear and Star Bear are in their Acclimation Pens, and Cedar Bear is in his pen in the garage.  Here he is, snug, dry and warm.  We don’t think he realizes that he is fortunate to be inside.

Cedar Bear

Cedar Bear continues to improve.

Cedar is progressing well, and it may be his days inside are numbered.  We’ll be glad when he, Star, and Joy Bear are able to be released into a Wild Enclosure.