The weather has turned cold – like real winter weather!  We have wondered if the cubs will use the various dens placed in the enclosures for their use.  We had proof when one of the curators saw cubs coming out of a culvert den with cedar shavings on their fur.  Whether they will actually use them when they are ready for their “long winter’s nap” or not, remains to be seen.  For the most part, the cubs seem to prefer to nap in the trees, coming down to forage when food has been thrown over the fence to them.

Here are most of the Wild Enclosure 1 cubs, snoozing in the trees.

Cubs in trees

Cubs in trees.

Three cubs snuggled on one branch.  Good thing it is a sturdy limb!

Three cubs

Three cubs on the same branch.

Over in Wild Enclosure 3, Milo Bear has found a tree he likes.  He was sound asleep, woke up briefly, and then went back to sleep.

Milo Bear

Milo Bear has a good place to nap.

There are two cubs who are getting special treatment, as they are still recovering and taking their meds.  Snowflake Bear peeks over the platform in her Acclimation Pen.  She huffs and blows at the curator who brings her food.


Snowflake Bear on her platform.

Cedar Bear

Cedar Bear in his pen in the Cub Garage.

It is a challenge for the curators to prepare the different foods required by our nineteen cubs.  They do a great job of catering to all the needs.