We are very sad to post the news that our recent arrival, the severely injured Cub #140 (Zoe Bear) who was housed in The Cub House, re-broke the leg that had been mended at the UT College of Veterinary Medicine.  She was rushed back to the vet school, and her condition was thoroughly examined.  The break was in a different place, and after careful evaluation by the team of vets it was decided that in her fragile condition it would only subject her to more pain and more weeks of confinement to have additional surgery on the leg.  Her bones are weak, due to the extreme malnutrition she suffered, and to keep her immobilized would have been very traumatic for her.  As a near-yearling who had lived all her life in the wild, she was not a candidate for extended convalescence. Zoe Bear arrived at ABR on January 12th and was euthanized at UT on January 15th.

Here is the photo of Zoe Bear in The Cub House the day before her accident.

Zoe Bear

Zoe Bear in The Cub House on January 14th.

Losing a cub is always difficult, but we must focus on the 19 other cubs that need the care that ABR offers.  We are glad to report that they are doing well.  Even Snowflake and Cedar Bear are improving.