Snowflake Bear moved out of the Cub Nursery!  She had shown that she didn’t like the confinement (who could blame her, after living her whole life in the wild?) and so she has moved up to the Acclimation Pen for Wild Enclosure 3, where Zellie and Milo Bear are living.  We have some photos of the move to share.

Curator Rick gave her a ride to her new quarters.

Snowflake rides

Curator Rick gives Snowflake a ride.

He let her out into the Acclimation Pen.

Snowflake into pen

Snowflake goes into the Acclimation Pen.

Snowflake in pen

Snowflake has more space!  She can see the outdoors!

Snowflake runs

Snowflake runs!

Although she is not ready to be out in the enclosure, it won’t be long.  Meanwhile, let’s look at the cubs of Wild Enclosure 1.  Here they are, all in the same tree!

7 cubs in a tree

Seven cubs in one tree!

Cubs in tree

A cluster of cubs – Shelby is the furthest right.

We have photos of two of the cubs in Wild Enclosure 2.


Derby is looking round and plump.


Acorn is looking much chubbier, too.

We may have other cub photos to share next time.  Keep checking.