We have some good news about our four most recent arrivals today.  First piece of news is about Milo Bear.  You recall that he was in an outdoor Pen while he finished his course of medications.  When he finished, and showed the curators he could climb with ease, he also made it clear that he wanted out of the confines of the pen.  They obliged by releasing him into Wild Enclosure 3 where Zellie Bear is residing.


Milo Bear enters Wild Enclosure 3.


Milo climbed a tree!

Meanwhile, Snowflake Bear, still in the Cub Nursery, is making progress.  She is eating well, and often – as much as the curators will give her.


Snowflake slurps her formula.

She cleans her bowl every time.

Snowflake eats

Snowflake eats all of her food. She cleans her bowl.

The newest arrivals, Zoe and Cedar Bear, who spent additional time at UT because of their injuries, were returned to ABR to continue their recovery.  The curators had a problem – where to house these two cubs?  They needed separate quarters, and need to remain quiet and rest as they continue to take their medications.  It was decided to house Zoe Bear in The Cub House.  She is not to climb until her leg, which was repaired with a plate, can heal.

Zoe bear

Zoe Bear is in The Cub House.

Cedar Bear had sustained a head injury.  He needs to be quiet and rest.  The curators did some moving in order to accommodate his needs.  They moved an outdoor acclimation pen into the garage, where his needs can be met.

Moving the pen

The outdoor pen is moved to the garage.  (It is very heavy!)

pen in garage

The pen is settled in the garage.

Cedar Bear is transferred to the pen.

Cedar Bear

Cedar Bear in the pen.

He is having some mobility issues, and it is hoped that this quiet, secluded place will allow him to heal.

Cedar Bear

Cedar Bear in his new pen.

We are thankful that these little bears seem to be responding to the changes in their housing, and we hope that their improvement will continue.  We’ll share additional information and photos as they are available.