We are happy to report that Cub #236 (Milo Bear) is showing improvement.  As we told you before, when he first came to ABR and was housed in the Cub Nursery, he did not eat and was taken back to the UT vet school for a recheck.  His stomach was pumped to get rid of whatever was causing him distress and it was learned that he had been eating garbage shortly before he was rescued.  As the saying goes, garbage DOES kill bears and might have killed Milo if he had not been rescued.  When the curator returned to ABR with the sick little cub, she began to feed him a jar of baby food (very easily digestible) every 3 or 4 hours.  The next morning, Milo was climbing in the pen in the Cub Nursery!  This is a very good sign that he is beginning to improve.  He wants more food, but the curator must be very careful not to give him too much before we are sure that his system can handle it.

Milo climbs

Milo climbs on the pen wall.

We can see how very thin this little cub is.  It is obvious that he has not had enough to eat in a very long time.

Milo climbs

He is able to climb – a very good sign.

His head appears to be too large for his body – the body just hasn’t had the nourishment it needed.  ABR will  remedy that, as soon as he is able to eat more food.


Milo climbs

We can tell from his look that he doesn’t like a human in his space.

As soon as he is able to eat more “cubby food” he will be able to leave the Cub Nursery and will not have a curator coming so close.  Because he is eleven months old, he can’t tolerate the presence of a human, even one who is trying to help him.