Zellie Bear, the tiny cub who arrived two days before Christmas, is doing well in The Cub House.  She is eating everything that is provided for her.  The curators don’t feed too much at a time, as she might overeat – she has been hungry for so long that she is in hyperphagia, the eating frenzy that usually hits bears in late summer into fall.  Here we see Zellie with her food bowl.


Zellie Bear in The Cub House.


Zellie Bear

Soon after these photos were taken, Zellie climbed up to the crawl space where Acorn had torn out insulation.  Zellie did some more “remodeling” to make the space more comfortable.

Here are some of the cubs in Wild Enclosure 4.  They are the least anxious about food, since they have more weight than the others.

Herbie, Cindy Lou, Belle

Cubs in Wild Enclosure 4 – Herbie and the sisters, Cindy Lou and Belle.

The curator reports that the two sisters hardly ever come down from their tree.  He wonders if they will choose to sleep there rather than use one of the culvert dens for winter.

Cindy Lou and Belle

Cindy Lou and Belle sleep in the tree.

Another occupant of Wild Enclosure 4 is Acorn Bear, who was in The Cub House before Zellie.


Acorn Bear in a tree.

We will have more photos for you in our next post.  The holidays have interrupted our regular posting, but we will get back to the schedule in the new year.  Happy New Year to the cubs, and to you!