ABR received an early Christmas gift, just two days before the holiday with the arrival of Cub #235, nicknamed Zellie Bear.  She is a tiny female cub, eleven months old like the other cubs in residence, but she weighs only 10.6 pounds.  This is an average weight for a three-month-old cub, and it means that she has been going hungry for a long time.  We have photos that document her visit to the UT College of Veterinary Medicine for her checkup.  You will see how very small she is.  We start with her arrival at UT.

Zellie arrives

Zellie arrives at the UTCVM.

The next photos show her being checked by the vet team.


Zellie is a very tiny cub.  She looks like a toy stuffed bear.


She looks very small on the examination table.

Dr. Carla Bernal and her team did a thorough examination.

Zellie's exam

Dr Bernal and team.

Zellie's exam

Her temperature was taken.

Zellie Bear’s teeth show evidence of the malnutrition she exhibits.  The few white teeth are adult teeth; the rest are baby teeth.  Fortunately, she will lose the baby teeth and with proper nutrition her adult teeth will all be strong and white.

Zellie's teeth

Zellie’s teeth show a lack of good nutrition.

empty stomach

Her stomach is empty.

We owe a debt of gratitude to the team of vets.


The team of veterinarians at UT.

She will be on worm medicine and a couple of shots and was sent back to ABR to spend some time in The Cub House.