Well, it isn’t really their birthday – but it is their 11-month “birthday” as we figure it at ABR.  Since we aren’t sure about the actual dates on which the cubs were born, we arbitrarily chose January 22nd as a likely date, since it is in the middle of the possible dates in January and February, when all bear cubs are born.  So each month we celebrate their assumed birthday on the 22nd of the month.

Here are photos taken of cubs in each enclosure.  They can’t be I.D.’d because the only way we can tell for sure who is who now is to see the ear tags.

The cubs in Wild Enclosure 2 are Tedford, Gamble, Chestnut, Derby and Pumpkin Bear.  Most of them are in this photo.

Wild Enclosure 2

Most of the cubs in Wild Enclosure 2.

Wild Enclosure 2

Some of the Wild Enclosure 2 cubs.

The cubs in Wild Enclosure 1 include Shelby, Tucker, Rufus, Flora, Tiny Tim and Linus Bear.  Here are a few of them.

Wild Enclosure 1

Some of the Wild Enclosure 1 cubs foraging.

The cubs in Wild Enclosure 4 are the ones that are more relaxed and less frantic about eating.  Here they are.

Wild Enclosure 4

They are hiding, but here are the W E 4 cubs.

Happy 11-month-birthday, Cubs!